Happiness · Mental Health

20 things I NEED to do this year

  1. Start a herb garden
  2. Take more pictures with my polaroid camera (artsy stuff)
  3. Create my own recipes, go wild, think Vicar of Dibley:

Letitia Cropley: The question is whether I bring the snails I’ve got for my new recipe.
Frank Pickle: What recipe is that?
Letitia Cropley: Bread and Butter Pudding Surprise.

  1. Start baking again, be more adventurous, I’m thinking Bread, Cinnamon Buns, 3 Tiered Cakes that kind of thing.
  2. Go out more, go walking, walk up those mountains, be by myself, I can do it.
  3. Read more journal articles; find the scientist in me that is there somewhere.
  4. Find a new hobby: cross stitching, model building, book binding, that kind of thing.
  5. Discover my personality (if that fails create a new one). Get a haircut, find ‘me’ clothes, find ‘me’ attitude. Make it a happy personality.
  6. Make plans to go travelling (find money)
  7. Try painting, or drawing or both.
  8. DRIVE: get the confidence to get back in that car (get a car)
  9. Learn the basics of another language (I’m thinking Spanish, or statistics)
  10. Apply for a Phd, do something with my life.
  11. Listen to ‘current’ music.
  12. Find the perfect cheesecake (even better make it myself).
  13. Try to make friends, make an effort to socialise, put myself out there.
  14. Make myself a happiness box; include candles, chocolates, bath bombs, books, magazines.
  15. Turn the spare bedroom from a dumping mess to a relaxing room. Fill it with records, DVD’s, posters and bean bags.
  16. Stop buying pizzas readymade, make my own.
  17. The most important: listen to hypomanic Nia with the big ideas. Follow through with them, yes she’s annoying but she has good ideas. (Don’t listen to the bad ideas).

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