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Valentine’s, Love and Support

It’s Valentine’s day, it’s a completely overrated day, I can’t say I care much about it but I still felt horrible that I couldn’t afford to get my boyfriend much. So I made him this beautiful and well-made card. .


I spent a good hour with my work friends making the card, we had a lot of fun, and I felt much loved because they were making an extra effort to show me that they cared. I think they all know that I’ve had a particularly tough time with my moods recently and that I’ve been finding it difficult to cope at work. It actually felt good to have them supporting me when I was feeling so down. I feel very loved.

I think my boyfriend liked the card (and even if he didn’t I love it). I ran him a nice bath when he got home and I got him a box of chocolates too.

This Valentine’s has actually been nice, I spoke to my mum to wish her a happy Valentine’s, I’ve been shown that friends can show you a lot of love and that the people in my life are all very special.

So now if you’ve read this until the end you truly deserve to see the beautiful envelope I made. Isn’t it beautiful?





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