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Day out in the city.

Today I went out and conquered my anxieties (well just some, and it might just have been a fluke, but still).

I took the train to the city to go to meet my sister. She lives around 5 hours away from me so I only get to see her 3 or 4 times a year. So I had to go see her when she was so close to where I live.

This was a big thing for me; I get anxious just going down the road so getting on public transport and going to the busy city really makes me nervous. But I did it, I just took it all in my stride and I planned everything, made sure I had plenty of time to find my platform and to catch my train.

I even made my way through the city on my own to meet her.

I had an amazing time, I got to go to the castle and I had a lovely lunch and even went for a drink before getting my train home. I was also sociable with her friend; I made a conversation with her and asked about her upcoming wedding. This is very good for me! I usually just sit there quietly and it’s all very awkward. But I did it!

Today I got to pretend that I had friends, and it was actually really nice.

I also loved being able to go out and do something on my own, like a normal person.

I’m just hoping this will mean I’ll be able to do it again sometime soon.




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