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So I’ve started this new thing of making a scrapbook. Those who know me or that have read my last post will know that I’m terrible at sticking to these new ideas and actually following through with them. But I guess unlike a diary I can leave the scrapbooking for a few months and then just do it all in one day.

scrapbook 1

The aim of this scrapbook is to give me something to look at when things are really bad. Often when I’m low, I get incredibly impulsive, and it feels impossible to just sit with my feelings. I’m hoping that maybe, there will be a chance that at this time I will be able to look at this scrapbook.

scrapbook 2.jpgI’ve included my acomplishments.

scrapbok 3.jpgThe things and people who make me happy.

scrapbook 9.jpgPlaces I’ve been (although that’s very limited).


Happy Times

scrapbook 7.jpg

And difficult times, where I wasn’t very happy but it’s all part of the story of how I’m still here.

scrapbook 8.jpg

And lots of pictures of my best friend and partner who is always there for me even when I think he isn’t.

Hopefully this will help me remember all this when it’s most difficult to do so.




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