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Valentine’s, Love and Support

It’s Valentine’s day, it’s a completely overrated day, I can’t say I care much about it but I still felt horrible that I couldn’t afford to get my boyfriend much. So I made him this beautiful and well-made card. . I spent a good hour with my work friends making the card, we had a lot… Continue reading Valentine’s, Love and Support

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20 things I NEED to do this year

Start a herb garden Take more pictures with my polaroid camera (artsy stuff) Create my own recipes, go wild, think Vicar of Dibley: Letitia Cropley: The question is whether I bring the snails I’ve got for my new recipe. Frank Pickle: What recipe is that? Letitia Cropley: Bread and Butter Pudding Surprise. Start baking again,… Continue reading 20 things I NEED to do this year

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Anxiety: If plan A fails, try plan B,C or D

Anxiety is a major part of my life, and yet it’s something that I very rarely discuss or give it the credit it deserves for making my life an impossible task. I’ve always lived with anxiety, since I was a child, I cannot remember a time when it hasn’t plagued my every action. Everyone experiences… Continue reading Anxiety: If plan A fails, try plan B,C or D

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Please don’t leave me in the meantime

So I woke up this morning excited because it was sowing outside, just a little bit, but still the first snow of the year that I’ve seen. I go to my window and I stick my arm out, it’s only officially snowing if you touch it. The snow doesn’t stick, but it doesn’t matter because just… Continue reading Please don’t leave me in the meantime